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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How to make a traditional Ugandan Rolex

A “Rolex” is a popular Ugandan street food, which we had the pleasure of tasting and watching being made by a local called Boaz.
A handful of shredded cabbage and carrot
2 eggs
1 pre-cooked Chapati (pictured) NB: a tortilla will do, but chapati is a bit thicker and breadier)
A good glug of oil
1 Teaspoon of beef stock granules / powder

Heat a heavy round flat frying pan, preferably on a traditional Ugandan coal stove which is glowing red and hot.
2.      If you’re using chapati, it’ll already be toasty and bubbly and brown, but if you are using a tortilla, toast it in the pan til it turns crispy – don’t be stingy with the oil.
3.      Beat the eggs and add all the veggies, along with the beef stock.
4.      Pour the egg mixture onto the well-oiled pan, and wait for the top to start cooking.
5.      Flip the egg mixture (omelette) over to finish cooking the other side.
6.      Once the omelette is cooked, place on top of your chapati, add a little salt, roll up together and enjoy!

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