“Adventure is a path. Real adventure – self-determined, self-motivated, often risky – forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. The world the way it is, not the way you imagine it. Your body will collide with the earth and you will bear witness. In this way you will be compelled to grapple with the limitless kindness and bottomless cruelty of humankind – and perhaps realize that you yourself are capable of both. This will change you. Nothing will ever again be black-and-white.” –Mark Jenkins

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Day 230 – Sunday 20th December – Poshing it up at the Big4, Hervey Bay

Went for a stroll along the beach and collected some shells before driving the short hour long trip to Hervey Bay where we spent some time gift shopping at an outdoor market, arriving at the Point Vernon Big4 park mid morning. We arranged to have the pitch next to Paul and Monika as a surprise when they turned up after their stay on Lady Elliot Island – we got some beers and bubbles, had a swim, watched their plane fly overhead and waited. But unfortunately, by the time they arrived the heavens had opened, so when they turned up to park next to us, we were sheltering inside Betsy. We peeked out and saw Paul get in the back of his 4x4, so I jumped out, ran through the torrents and jumped into their drivers seat... Monika looked at me, smiled and then screamed, so I screamed and poor Cydney who was sitting in the middle of us and didn’t have a clue what was going on nearly ended up in tears!! Lol. Once everyone had got over the shock, and all belongings were stowed etc. we ate undercover in the camp kitchen. We did manage a few rums in the dry outside the vans before bed.

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