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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Volksworld, Sandown Park, Esher

We spent the day yesterday at the Volksworld VW fest at Sandown racecourse and although we searched every trader and breaker stand looking for the secondhand indicator switch (that Ant broke whilst having a paddy) we didnt find one. So we collected web addresses off other potential sources and ordered the 240v hook up and under dash tray from 'Just Kampers'. I also bought my first VW T shirt (and yes mum, it IS largely brown).

They had some truly awesone buses there, including this black and red one which was immaculate in every way. The attention to detail was astounding, the interior was all made from old oak wood fireplaces. I was also introduced to the 'rat look', which is where the mechanics and all other unseen parts of the vehicle are top quality, all made from high performance parts, but the outer shell is made to look worn and tatty. We saw this mad rat-look 'square back' which I must admit was kinda cool. also noticed a trend for old box suitcases on roofs and retro coolboxes. One thing we may have to rethink though is the 3 way fridge, since we now know you have to have proper ventilation when using the gas option. That means making the fridge easily removable from the van, not really what we wanted.

We bought what looks like an american sheriff's badge for the rear bumper which you wire into the brake lights to provide a third red light at the back, albeit tiny they are sold as a 'safety' light. Not sure why they are so expensive (£45!!!) but put a smile on Ant's face, so I guess they must be worth it. We also managed to find some dashboard bulb holders on someone's stand which we paid £2.50 each for, but at least we wont have to drive in the dark with a torch pointed permanantly at the dials.

Our only other purchase was some new rubber for the tailgate window to stop the condensation. Genuine VW (alledgedley) means it should last a fare while.

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